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The Japanese word Reiki, pronounced ray-key, means Universal Life Force. It is a form of healing which incorporates the laying on of hands. Dr. Mikao Usui discovered that he was able to access the divine healing process through meditation, fasting and prayer. He passed on his knowledge to loyal followers who spread Reiki throughout the world. Reiki creates a positive re-balancing of the body which can occur by dissolving blockages allowing the life force to flow freely. Reiki promotes health, inner strength and personal growth.

The patient may experience any of the following: heat, tingling, a floating sensation, a feeling of letting go and/or deep relaxation.

The treatment will normally last for 1 hour. It is recommended to drink more water over the next couple of days. As with any complementary therapy the body initiates a homeostatic response with increased physiological activity. Rest is recommended after any complementary therapy to allow the body time to adjust to the treatment.

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